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Repairable, Replaceable, Recyclable


Abtin Valerie




Design Strategy
Concept Exploration & Development
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
3D Visualisation
3D Animation


If our products last twice as long, we will consume half as many. A studio project, originally inspired by traditional Japanese ramen bars is now re-invented to embody a modular, repairable and upgradable approach.

The aim of this project was to explore how design can add value via repairable products. Increased consumer awareness around waste, recycling and environmental impact inspired us to think about alternatives. This project showcases a solution that may build a foundation for customers who could potentially buy replacement parts or customise an everyday tool.


• A repairable product idea that aims to inspire buyers to 'make it their own' and to consider the item's end-of-life.

• Designed with usability and ergonomics in mind.

• Design of an unboxing experience.

• A subtle form, differentiated from similar products by removing the organic shapes and over-moulded rubber grips.

• Reduces waste and aims to be as eco-friendly as possible whilst trying to challenge consumer mindsets.

* Registered Design (2022).

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