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We assist businesses with the complete product design and development process.

A 2-person team with over a decade of experience in helping businesses develop and launch innovative products that secure funding and win awards. We blend technical expertise and creative insight to provide a comprehensive physical product design and development service. 

We aim to help with more than just design. We’re our clients' partners from the initial brainstorming sessions, guiding them through manufacturing and dedicated to continuous research and development. 


Our expertise lies in strategic conceptual thinking, designing products that not only enhance commercial appeal but also lend themselves well to manufacture. Understanding that each project is unique, we adapt our approach to fit your needs by working as part of your team, whether it's large or small. We are located in London, UK but can work on projects worldwide.

Photo of Abtin and Valerie in the studio.

Photo: Left to right - Abtin, Valerie

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Download our guide!

Are you developing a physical product? This ebook serves as a comprehensive fundamentals guide, offering a complete view of the entire product development journey. Packed with essential strategies and information, it caters to both beginners and seasoned business experts alike. 

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