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Premium Coffee Accessories






Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Product Development
Modular Design
Design For Manufacture & Assembly
3D Visualisation


Hexnub's core mission of delivering high quality coffee accessories for popular products ignited an expansion of their product line. The aim was to design and develop a pot stand capable of supporting weight and high temperature from stovetop expresso makers.

The bamboo stand utilises a cork placemat and a storage space that houses a moulded bamboo fibre tray. This is a step towards being as sustainable as possible by using renewable materials. Aesthetically, the stand boasts a soft, rounded, minimal and symmetrical form suitable for any home environment.


• Product manufactured and available to purchase.

• Designed to minimise cost of shipping and packaging by reducing weight and size.

• In line with manufacturing constraints.

• Footprint accommodates any size expresso stovetop pot.

• A subtle and unobtrusive form to harmonise with any kitchen style.

• Product made from eco-friendly materials.

• Visualisation of the full product line in life-like materials and textures with props for context to aid e-commerce website and online shop.

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