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Feastables Chocolate Bar






Concept Exploration & Development
Industrial Design
3D Visualisation
3D Animation


Feastables, a chocolate and snack brand by the world-famous Youtuber Mr. Beast, aimed to improve upon their previous chocolate bar mould design. The goal was to explore new design approaches that maintain weight & dimensional constraints whilst enhancing brand appeal, increasing the bar's durability and elevating the overall customer experience.

The project involved exploring over 20 various conceptual design approaches leading to a final simplistic yet effective solution that allows them to stand out amongst competitor chocolate bars on the market.


• Chocolate bar launched successfully and received positive feedback.

• Achieved weight/volume constraints without appearing significantly smaller.

• Simplified the moulding process.

• Increased the rigidity of the chocolate bar to avoid accidental breakage.

• Addition of distinct cut lines to guide the snapping of the bar.

• Application of Mr. Beast and Feastables branding on the bar.

• Implemented a unique yet low-profile form that aims to still be easily recognised.

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