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Disposable Head Toothbrush


Ola Bamboo/Ola Cycle




Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Design Engineering
Design For Manufacture
3D Visualisation
3D Animation


An elegant and manual bio-plastic toothbrush with a replaceable head. This challenge required an attachment that must be durable and robust to ensure little to no movement when in use.

The aim was to form the design through research, utilising replaceable heads and a uniquely modern aesthetic whilst keeping the tooling costs as low as possible. Styling, design engineering and prototyping was required to bring the physical product to life.


• A fully functional product manufacturable by bio-plastic injection moulding. 

• Prototyped to perfect tolerances - easy enough to snap together and hard enough to avoid accidental disassembly.

• Designed to avoid any extra tooling and in line with production constraints.

• Ergonomically designed for comfort. 

• A subtle form, differentiated from similar products by removing the organic shapes and over-moulded rubber grips.

• Reduces waste and aims to be as eco-friendly as possible at end of life.

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