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Premium Coffee Accessories

Hexnub's core mission of delivering high quality coffee accessories for popular products ignited an expansion of their product line. The aim was to design and develop a pot stand capable of supporting weight and high temperature from stovetop expresso makers. 

The bamboo stand utilises a cork placemat and a storage space that houses a moulded bamboo fibre tray. This is a step towards being as sustainable as possible by using renewable materials. Aesthetically, the stand boasts a soft, rounded, minimal and symmetrical form suitable for any home environment. 



Videography by: Pascu Dragos


To be in line with the brand's existing product range, bamboo is used throughout the product utilising it's incredible natural and sustainable properties. 


The bamboo main body and cork placemat supports the heavy weight and hot temperature of stovetop expresso makers. The removable moulded bamboo fibre tray is accessible from both ends and can accommodate various accessories.

It can accommodate any coffee maker with a maximum base diameter of 5.3 inches (135mm) including: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9 cup Moka pots.

Visualisation of life-like materials and textures with props for context to aid e-commerce website/shop.



  • Product manufactured and available to purchase.

  • Designed to minimise cost of shipping and packaging by reducing weight and size.

  • In line with manufacturing constraints.

  • Footprint accommodates any size expresso stovetop pot.

  • A subtle and unobtrusive form to harmonise with any kitchen style.

  • Product made from eco-friendly materials.

  • Product imagery visualised to be consistent and enhance product appeal for marketing material.

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