What if Wagamama made a can opener?

Wagamama, who embraces the 'kaizen' philosophy, is a British restaurant chain that serves food based on Japanese cuisine. This project embodied Wagamama's visual language, philosophy, values and beliefs.
The main question throughout this explorative project was: What if Wagamama expanded their brand and developed a physical product such as a can opener?


Full Design & Development Process


Sample Project



Wagamama Project Book5.jpg
Wagamama Project Book4.jpg

The use of simplistic, cuboid shapes and minimal styling was inspired by Wagamama's current interior design. The natural material finish, colour choice and text detailing followed Wagamama's neutral colour scheme and its Japanese influence.

The colour red being used as a subtle 'pop' detailing within the design reflects similarly to Wagamama's branding. Low fidelity mock-ups were used to establish initial dimensions. 

Wagamama Visuals 3.jpg


  • Magnolia wood.

  • Custom branded magnet.

  • Stainless steel sheet with powder coating finish.

  • Stainless steel fixings, and mechanisms.

  • Off-the-shelf washers.

Production process:​

  • Laser engraving.

  • Metal and ink stamping.

  • CNC.

  • Timber manufacturing.

  • Hydroforming.

Wagamama Visuals.jpg


  • Designed with usability and ergonomics in mind.

  • A subtle form, differentiated from similar products by removing the organic shapes and over-moulded rubber grips.

  • Reduces waste and aims to be as eco-friendly as possible at end of life.

  • Form and visual language embodying wagamama's brand.

Wagamama Visuals 9.jpg