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We help businesses with the full product design process.

Our specialty lies in strategic conceptual thinking, enhancing commercial appeal and designing for manufacture. Scroll down to find out more about our methods and strategies. 

Studio capabilities.

Fully Licensed Professional 2D & 3D CAD Software

Dedicated Prototyping Machines & Model Making Tools

Photo-realistic Visualisation & Animation

Every project is unique, so we adapt our approach to fit the needs. 

Here is a range of product development strategies we could apply to your project or business. If you only need help with a specific aspect of your project, we can provide these in packages. Get in touch to find out more.

Discovery & Diagnostics.

This stage focuses on research and analysis within the product area and its current market by looking into competitors, materials, potential manufacturing methods, aesthetics, consumer behaviour and more. We discuss everything with you along the way so that the project is in line with your business aims.


Conceptual & Design Development.

Our aim when creating concepts is to ensure feasibility, manufacturability and commercial appeal. Our concept design process includes creative thinking rounds, sketch development, and quick prototypes to see aspects of the design in reality. 

Using industry standard software, the product is developed with dimensional and functional accuracy. CAD software allows us to analyse, optimise and communicate the design to stakeholders & potential customers or manufacturers. 

Prototyping/Model Making.

This stage is focused on bringing your product to life. Physical/functional models of the product are created to present, test or assess. Our SLA/FDM 3D printers, machinery and tools allow us to create accurate prototypes and test design solutions quickly and efficiently. Depending on the outcome, cycles of modification and testing may be necessary to perfect the product.


Design For Manufacture & Assembly

Technical documentation is created to communicate the engineering details of the design and any other requirements for the project to move forward. This can include: technical drawings, physical models, photography, videos, 3D photo-realistic renderings and animations.

3D Visualisation & Animation

Showcasing the product and its key features and benefits. CGI imagery/video is created to depict how the object would look in reality with lifelike materials and textures. The outcomes can be used for marketing purposes and crowdfunding campaigns.


User-Centred Design

  • Human factors.

  • User research/analysis.

  • User experience.

  • Ergonomics/anthropometrics. 

  • Prototyping and testing. 

Commercial Appeal

  • CMF - colour, material, finish.

  • Form language development.

  • 3D visualisation and animation.

  • 3D packaging design. 

Design Engineering

  • Knowledge of production processes.

  • DFMA - design for manufacture and assembly.

  • CAD/design engineering.

  • Technical documentation.

  • Reverse engineering.

Business Consideration

  • Economic/environmental/social sustainability. 

  • Customer/target demographic awareness.

  • Marketing approach.

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