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2 Years In Business: Things We Have Learnt And What We Are Doing Moving Forward:


• Balance: Starting out, we were mainly working with our foundations in industrial design. Over time we've understood that all roles required for smooth operation are just as important. We are now continuously learning about all of the different functions that make a successful business.

• Productivity: The majority of our work is bespoke by nature but there is always a way to leverage automation - even if it's just organised document templates. Time-blocking has also been a massive productivity booster - allowing us to be more focused so that we have time to do things, stay focused and achieve big goals.

• Systems are vital. Without this, our day would be crazy! It keeps you grounded, helps improve efficiency, allows for easier decision making and helps to avoid chaos.

• Ups and downs: Financially, emotionally and workload. In our experience, it's unavoidable when your business is new. Our way to stay optimistic is to always concentrate on the new opportunities and the unlimited potential.


• We're stepping out of our comfort zone by diving into organic marketing while sharing our expertise, enhancing our reach and impact.

• Going beyond the "design and engineering" bubble and expanding our knowledge to strengthen our business and help our clients even more.

• Improving and building new systems whilst being on the lookout for new tools to optimise everything. If anyone has come across amazing time saving tools, please let us know!

For those who have worked with us, thank you for being part of our journey! 🙏🏼

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