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Children's Mobile And Modular Furniture

Out Of The Box Education, an EdTech startup founded out of MIT, is on a mission to create meaningful learning experiences for children around the world. The aim of the project was to develop a modular children’s 'classroom-in-a-box' furniture that transforms any available space into a learning environment through different set of learning activities.
The project involved the full product design process - from idea to manufacturable product. The goal was to define a product that was ergonomically considered whilst being modular and flexible with the ways it could be used. Reduction in inventory, ease of use/assembly and durability were key considerations when developing the unit.


Design Direction, Concept Development, DFMA, Prototyping & Testing, 3D Visualisation


Out Of The Box Education, Inc.



Multiple rounds of localised prototyping, working with manufacturers and exploring various technical processes. 
Like furniture, but unlike any furniture: Children can use Classroom-In-A-Box like conventional furniture, or unlock many different modes and configurations of learning and play.

More than toys: Classroom-In-A-Box can work with all the different toys that a child has - unleashing their creativity!

Children need tangible experiences to develop different skill sets. Classroom-In-A-Box provides many opportunities for real-world learning and play.


  • Highly successful Kickstarter campaign achieving over 1000% of its funding goal.

  • Fast Company Innovation by Design 2022 Finalist.

  • Featured in TIME 'The Best Inventions Of 2022'.

  • Taken from idea to manufacturable product.

  • Reduced inventory and created easy-to-assemble parts.

  • Designed for modularity through different learning activity sets and height adjustability as the child grows. 

  • Presentations to show investors, potential consumers, educators and others involved. 

  • Created to conform with injection moulding, metal fabrication and timber manufacturing methods. 

Photography by: Jimmy Tan -