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Children's Mobile And Modular Furniture

Out Of The Box Education, an EdTech startup founded out of MIT, is on a mission to create meaningful learning experiences for children around the world. The aim of the project was to develop a modular children’s 'classroom-in-a-box' furniture that transforms any available space into a learning environment through different sets of learning activities.
The project involved the full product development process - from idea to manufacturable product. The goal was to define a product that was ergonomically considered, modular and flexible in the ways it could be used. The outcome was a product that achieved its Kickstarter funding goals within 5 minutes of launch. The design managed to reduce inventory, enhance usability and increase durability of the unit leading to an overall better product.


Out Of The Box Education, Inc.



Multiple rounds of localised prototyping, working with manufacturers and exploring various technical processes. 
Like furniture, but unlike any furniture: Children can use Classroom-In-A-Box like conventional furniture, or unlock many different modes and configurations of learning and play.

More than toys: Classroom-In-A-Box can work with all the different toys that a child has - unleashing their creativity!

Children need tangible experiences to develop different skill sets. Classroom-In-A-Box provides many opportunities for real-world learning and play.


  • Highly successful Kickstarter campaign achieving over 1000% of its funding goal.

  • Fast Company Innovation by Design 2022 Finalist.

  • Featured in TIME 'The Best Inventions Of 2022'.

  • Taken from idea to manufacturable product.

  • Reduced inventory and created easy-to-assemble parts.

  • Designed for modularity through different learning activity sets and height adjustability as the child grows. 

  • Presentations to show investors, potential consumers, educators and others involved. 

  • Provided support throughout the manufacturing process to conform with injection moulding, metal fabrication and timber manufacturing methods. 

  • Packaging and instruction manuals developed to enhance overall user experience.

Photography by: Jimmy Tan - 

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