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Guide To Developing Market-Ready Physical Products


Abtin Valerie




Downloadable eBook Guide
Physical Product Development
Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Graphic Design
3D Visualisation


Are you considering creating a physical product? This eBook serves as a comprehensive fundamentals guide, offering a complete view of the entire product development journey. Packed with essential strategies and information, it caters to both beginners and seasoned business experts alike.


In this ebook, you will:

• Gain an overview of the product development process.

• Acquire in-depth information about how a successful product can be achieved.

• Learn about feasibility research methods.

• Discover how to validate a product idea.

• Familiarise yourself with design and development methodologies.

• Receive guidance and tips to help you on your journey.

• Learn about the manufacturing process.

• Absorb some of the strategies that have helped us build successful products in the past.

• And much more!

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