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Custom Electronics Housing For Additive Manufacture






Design Strategy
Concept Development
Industrial Design
3D Visualisation
3D Animation


Treo.Ai aimed to provide local sports teams with an opportunity to capture and analyse video footage of every game similar to elite-level clubs. Their goal was to provide an affordable panoramic video recording product/system (commonly used in football) for young athletes.

The aim of the project was to develop the casing/body of the camera to house the built-in AI that creates panoramic sports footage. The product needed to deliver commercial appeal, durability and water resistance whilst being designed for a production process that compliments the low number of units required.


• Developed from idea to fully functioning physical product. 

• Designed with usability and ergonomics in mind.

• Built-in modularity with the option to switch between two different internal cameras. 

• Multiple detailed prototypes were created for testing.

• Presentations to show investors, potential consumers and others involved. 

• Created to conform with additive manufacturing guidelines.

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